Thursday, July 2, 2015

h.b. karen - 4 water lilies + energy

maybe not the best stamp choice. but, the dot-a-rific marker colors don't go with very many stamps. of course they are perfect with the happy birthday stamps that i no longer have.
this was close to getting filed in the circular file, more than once, but swirly-cues and dots ended up making it fun enough to send - along with all the others. i'll be interested to hear if there is a clear *favorite* of the ones that karen received.

 after i made the first scan, i thought it needed some white. then i saw another stamp that isn't too bad, but i only have 4 of them. not enough to mail it. guess it will go inside another envelope.


  1. I like all of the "Karen" envelopes. I think my favorite is the one with the present on June 24th.
    I like the balloon idea, but it doesn't fill the envelope like today's bright envelopes do. Why do you need more than 4 stamps to mail the envelope? Isn't each stamps worth .49?

  2. I don't need the extra postage and I did not put the stamps on the envelope. They were just in position on the scanner to get the effect. My friend Jackie used to put multiple high priced stamps on her envelopes just for the design elements. So I ponder multiple stamps but usually don't put on a lot of extra $$.

  3. Hey, they're beautiful, it helps the post office, and I began to think of them as little bits of collage.