Wednesday, July 8, 2015

karen's vegetable hodge podge

i pulled out the Pitt Big Brush markers to see how they would behave on this paper. i have about 150 envelopes with a printing error on the flap and they are not my favorite paper, but, geesh, 150 free envelopes....i sometimes get good ideas when the envelopes are already being recycled. so, i started with the colors, then started outlining in black.
tried flinging some more black lines.
what's a word that means *worse than horrific*? 
covered it up with some white.
added gold
i would have thrown this one away, but saved it so you can see what launched a different series. i am calling it the veggie-bead series because i used the veggie stamp and those tear drops look like beads.
more to come.


  1. Worse than horrific? about crap!?

    1. interesting that you suggest crap. i use that word a lot and have been reprimanded by i guy i know because he thinks it is not lady-like and was surprised to hear me saying it...but, that's what i use for all the little things that annoy me. so, it's not stronger than horrific, but i appreciate the suggestion

  2. Diabolical? Egregious?

    I like the black curved line a lot.

    1. diabolical sounds like i was trying to make something awful, so that won't work. egregious is a favorite word and it will be included in the master list, but to me it is not really worse than horrific. i did come up with a word that might work - abomination.

      here's the list of stages of badness in art (my art)
      1. off
      2. icky
      3. yucky
      4. crappy
      5. egregious
      6. revolting
      7. horrific
      8. abominable

      this is just a working list.
      feel free to add words and i will insert them in the order that works for me.

      no, we will not be making a companion list to describe the stages of loveliness.

    2. oh, geesh, this is going to take some time - i checked a thesaurus - interesting to note, Finn, they forgot egregious.

      abominable, appalling, awful, lousy, disgusting, dreadful, frightful, ghastly, grisly, heinous, horrid, abhorrent, beastly, detestable, disagreeable, execrable, gross, loathsome

    3. They also forgot crappy!

  3. Maybe I am "off" because I like it!

  4. Jean - is was one of my four favs!