Monday, April 6, 2015

t.y. jan (peony)

this is a multiple thank you to jan.
first, she left a comment a couple days ago when i tried to turn over a new leaf and use caps. she said that i should stick with my own personal style, which is clearly something i lifted from e.e.cummings. and how ironic that today, (i am writing this on sunday to appear on monday) there was a review of a book about e.e.cummings on my favorite internet source for everything that has words (not just pictures)
and it was inspiring to read just the review - so here it is for anyone who is interested.

and second thank you to jan - for helping me get a mailing out on friday. i nearly blew out my wrist. it is sore today. i hope jan is OK. warning to any of you who think you want to do mailings of custom lined very careful of repetitive motions.

this envelope needs one more heart. i wish i had left more room to the left of the j.


  1. I like the spacing just the way it is. I Like the address being seen as part of a thought.

  2. I think it's my OCD, but I can't mail out a letter without the envelope being lined, it's like going outside naked in my mind. Imagine Christmas with my 100+ cards and I refuse to pay to have my envelopes lined by the companies I buy my cards. I start lining in October. That goes for personalized stationery too, I line my own envelopes because I can. It's not easy, but at least I sleep at night. PS For my daughter's wedding (she in VA, I'm in IA) I ordered some very nice personalized stationery for their thank you notes and lined envelopes were not an option. I had to sleep on it for several nights as I almost had them mailed to me to line them before my daughter intervened and said 'no' to my madness. I believe the first step in the program is admitting you have a problem so - my name is Lisa and I have a liner problem. PSS keep on writing just the way you do, caps are overblown.

  3. thank you for sharing this glimpse into your envelopity. it does not seem OCD to me. it just seems like someone with clear priorities. some people won't leave the house without pretty hair, make-up, and clothes. others eat a nutritious home cooked meal - maybe even 2 or 3 times per day....others have lovely homes, or impressive *whatever* - lined envelopes are so aesthetically pleasing - (not to everyone) - but, one should never feel that an aesthetic preference is any form of a *disorder* - i'll probably devote an entire post to this topic.
    thanks again for sharing.

  4. How clever to connect your own lowercase writing to the article indicating e.e. cummings as doing the same! I enjoyed the Brain Pickings article...what a sweet man!