Monday, April 27, 2015

new n.c. penpal

i never know if people want to be identified on the blog. this is such a cool font. i shall be working on a version of it.

stealworthy detail: the border around the top stamp.

a pox on the p.o. for the nasty black marks.

thanks to my new penpal, feel free to leave a comment if you want everyone to know who you are.


  1. i just ate breakfast, leftovers, that needed something poured on top, so, being a good little midwesterner, i dumped ranch dressing on it. now i see that the sell by date was the middle of 2013. so, if this hasty breakfast returns me to sender, its been nice knowing all y'all and you know where to send the letters of condolance to my grieving family.

  2. Things don't turn to poison on their expiration date, they just slowly turn to rot
    What could you possibly be eating for breakfast that would go with ranch dressing. How are you now at 4:00. What will happen to the blog, we just got a new good blogger. We need you, try maple syrup

  3. So far so good. Leftover salmon and couscous needed a little kick. Thanks for maple syrup's a staple. Sugar NEVER spoils...always safe.

  4. This one was my first entry in your envelope exchanges. Still having fun with them!