Sunday, April 26, 2015

kathy's wilt

this will probably be the last one in the series. i finally did one where i penciled and planned so that there was better interlocking of letters. i was tired of the wilt stamp. but now that i look at it, the shape is so round, i guess i will use the wilt stamp when i mail it. this also looks like the cliche *western* lettering. so any cowboy stamp would look good. and johnny cash would be perfect.


  1. Where will you put the address?
    I really like these letters. I guess I need to take the time and pencil things in first before committing to ink.

  2. i can't remember where i put the address - and the envelope is gone. i probably put the stamp in the upper right corner and the address to the right of the E in Fe...and maybe stacked the address