Thursday, April 30, 2015

smash - fade

so much better than alyce's. toothier paper made all the difference in the world. i'd like to do a bunch more of these, but, all y'all would get bored and storm my studio with your pitchforks. did anyone hear the big controversy about the 3 pronged pitchfork in the painting, Americn Gothic? gosh, i love a good pitchfork debate.

as usual, i started adding dots.


  1. that bird looks like it is falling over backwards. don't you think it needs to be more upright?

  2. I agree ~ and the bird's beak is opened as he yells "Oh no!"
    I like the addition of the dots on these letters. And although I'd love to see your studio, it wouldn't be with a pitchfork in hand. The more of these you do, the more letters we have to put together an exemplar. ;-)

  3. good idea alyce, i will work on an exemplar
    i like the envelopes that have a pangram on them
    in the mean time
    this font looks a lot like the lettering - just add some curls