Sunday, April 19, 2015

bonus post - ramirez for finn and don

 today's regularly scheduled post is below this one. finn was curious about the ideas i might have to go with the ramirez stamps. i have several ho-hum ideas scheduled to appear in june. this one is really awful. i haven't mastered primitive lettering, yet. i think it just needs some horizontal lines.

the second idea is an attempt to show donald that you can do a fun envelope with no lettering aptitude and no fancy pens. he was going to return the birthday card that i sent to him - to me on my birthday. but, he said that he did not know how to decorate the envelope. i told him i would post an example of something fun and decorative that did not require skill or special pens or markers.

 i used a pencil and rather than making a specific style of lettering, i made a series of ovals and scribbles that when put together create symbols that are letters that make two names. so, DK, i would like you to try making some ovals and some scribbles and see if you can make some letters that are fun.

the only other concept to notice and apply is the spacing between the letters. there is probably more space than what most people would do. *space* is equally as important as everything else. no matter which art you study, you learn that in the 101 class. and, as a mathematical-scientist, DK, maybe you can relate to the importance of understanding space as being equal to matter. maybe this is the portal to your new career as a visual artist.

the s is just a slightly curvy line. it does not fit with the other letters, but, that's OK. it provides visual interest. things do not have to be matchy-matchy.

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