Saturday, April 4, 2015

String Font

If you go to and look at the font named String, you will see an A that is prettier than this one. I hope I find time to look at all of the String caps. I loved this A, even though I did not do a very good impersonation of it. I had to double stroke to disguise the fact that the gel pen is not working and I might have to toss it. Gel pens are frustrating....if you ever need to do a bunch of envelopes with gel pens, just order some online. Don't bother buying them in a store because you never know if someone has tested one. Once the cap is taken off, they can go bad. I guess you can buy them off the shelf if they are in a bubble package.
Uniball and Gelly Roll are the two brands that tend to work best for me.

Note to Jan - following the break
Jan mentioned that she is not a big fan of the no-caps writing. I tried editing this post and it was a tedious process. So, I will turn over my new leaf on the posts that are not already scheduled. You'll have to put up with the no caps until June.


  1. But, the no caps is your style, and you should stay true to it. I would also note that I read your blog every day so it can't bother me that much!

  2. I love the "A" and will have to attempt it.
    I agree that gel pens can be very frustrating. I use the Uni ball Signo Broad 153 white pen, but find that you need to use it a lot once you've started one or it'll skip. I recently found (on Jet Pens) that Uni Ball had another series called Signo Angelic Colour. I bought the white and violet. I like they way they write. I haven't had them for that long, so I don't know if I'll have the same problem as I have with the the Signo Broad.