Thursday, April 23, 2015

ramirez arch for alex

sometimes when i am in the middle of a big envelope job, i stop and surf. and sometimes i see something that is so cute, i just have to do my own version. the original had rain and also a spiral shooting up, which was lovely...but, after i did this much, i thought it was enough. i did not have any stamp in mind - but like this one. the street address would go under the line. the buildings were made with a prismacolor marker. the details are g-tecs, pigmas and a white gelly roll.
it would be fun to do some actual skylines of actual cities.

my envelope is a kindred spirit with finnbadger's envelope.
finn has some good examples of pairings on his blog.
you know how there are *wine pairings*? well, we have invented the *envelope pairing.*
we're so *on trend.*

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  1. great match up with Ramirez, i knew you would come up with an idea that work, and of course Finn is in the mix to help out. Well done