Monday, April 13, 2015

cathy's tulips

these are from cathy o'rear. some of my penpals are very accomplished calligraphers. these two make me want to pull out the ink and nibs and get serious. that's not going to happen. but if you read the blog and you are might consider taking some actual classes.

my question for cathy (a postal worker) why did the top one get a bar code and the other one did not?

so pretty. thanks for participating in the last exchange.


  1. After I cancel my own envelopes I put them in an insert that contains large envelopes that don't need cancellation. When this mail reaches the plant some of my letters head for the dreaded operation 100 where they are read by a machine and the bar
    Code is applied. Others escape this fate and head to the operation where they are sorted by hand.

  2. Oh, my. These are stunning, absolutely stunning.

  3. Absolutely beautiful envelopes Cathy!