Wednesday, April 8, 2015

CKBOSS on pinterest

as i have mentioned a couple times, if i allow myself to surf on pinterest, i find some boards with really cool mail art. and sometimes, if a board is really fantastic, i check to see who created the board. this board was fabulous. i was not expecting to see any of my own work. there were 2,853 images. as i scrolled along, i saw that she had pinned my all time favorite envelope, done by the lovely nancy hills. (see below) so then, i had to keep scrolling, to see if she had any more from my blog. i was pretty happy to see that she had this one - one of mine...

and, then i got curious about the person, so i googled her and she was a designer for ralph lauren for over 20 years. it was fun to read about her. she is now on her own. all the rest of her boards are full of nice images, too. they make me want to go back and edit my own. but, that's not going to happen. besides, my *look* is truly hodge-podge. anyhow, i was flattered that she found my stick figures *pin-worthy.*

this is the one by nancy that was on her blog. i never get tired of looking at it.

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