Friday, April 24, 2015


I just discovered that I could post to the blog from my phone. This is a test to see if it works. It is my latest lettering and little drawings to appear in Midwest Living magazine.

they put the recipes online in a format that works for the internet. it does not include the artwork that is in the magazine. i also have the inside scoop on the Midwest Living recipes. they are not the quick and easy ones, but they are super yummy. the name of the article is baby cakes, so they are small in size. if you want a regular size cake, they have more recipes on the website.


  1. jan - you will like that my phone insists on putting in caps. and this could be very dangerous. i could accidentally post any email to the blog. maybe i should rethink this whole option.

    1. Haha. That could e highly entertaining.

      I really like the cake diagrams. They'd be good on a birthday envelope.

  2. Getting hungry. Birthday coming right up. Is there a recipe involved?

  3. here is a link to the recipes: