Thursday, April 9, 2015

bonus post - from/to stamp

 i wanted to bump in front of the scheduled posts because i like this new stamp so much. ms miss used one of those stamp pads that has 5 colors - and just stamped the pad directly on the envelope to give herself a design element that is perfect for the stamp.

purger-jean no longer has her 5 color stamp pad, so i just stacked the words using approx the same colors. this was super quick and easy (because i actually needed to mail something to jan)

i see a series of stacking in our future

today's post is below this one.

i decided to add a drop shadow
not sure that i like it better.
it might have been better without.


  1. Cathy's envelope is wonderful, and your stacking is perfect for this stamp. I think I like the non-shadowed stack a little better, perhaps because it reflects the stamp more.

  2. I love this new stamp as well! I agree with the above comment as well--the non-shadowed does look better but I would be happy in receiving either!