Friday, April 10, 2015

ann-margret & debbie (coco)

these two readers left comments so, i used their names on some envelopes. ann-margret simply said WOW, so i figured i would WOW her in person. then, assuming the readers are pretty tired of hearts, i thought i would try putting the curly coco into a straight line. it didn't wow me. but right after this, i did have an idea that is a complete WOW. it will be showing up in the middle of may. trust me, it's pretty spectacular. OK, it's just more curly lettering. but, it certainly elevated me out of my current state of blah.

and as i look at this in the preview, i know how to make the bottom one better. choose a longer name. i'm thinking stella.papadopoulas will be spectacular. sadly, stella and ann-margret live in canada, so it's pretty expensive to mail to them.


  1. I was going to post this on Facebook today, along with the fantastic outer envelope you made for me. THANK YOU! It was a wonderful, delightful surprise. :) You rock, Jean! :D