Thursday, December 1, 2011

fred's halloween

i had not done the F or the R or the Y or the X. so, here they are. i do not know if there is any person named fred yax. i will google and find out....i did not put an actual stamp on this, but was happy to see that the garden of love stamps aren't too bad with the halloween letters.

(an hour later) i did google fred yax and found that there is a fred yax in joliet illinois, i even found his address. but, i am not going to post it here. now i am wondering if i should mail this to him....a random act of mail art.

this one was bumped after i received the halloween envelope from elizabeth. again, apologies for the disorganization...if i were more organized, i would pull out one of my pithy quotes on the boredom of being too organized or the creativity of being disorganized... or the balance of having some things organized, but not others.

another update...just bumped this one again...and, after i scanned it, i colored it in with colored pencils and it looked so much better. time to rescan. you'll just have to buy the CD when i rescan everything and offer it in a CD.

bumped  again.... it will be halloween 2012 by the time this one appears...maybe

no...i see it is scheduled to appear on dec 1st and that seems like a good date for the last halloween envelope. i went back and put a halloween *label* on every envelope with the halloween alphabet. so, now you can click on that label and see the entire alphabet.

and i started an xmas alphabet, but, decided to save it for 2012.

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