Sunday, December 18, 2011

bernard maisner video
i don't remember if i posted this yet.
just found it in a stack of emails.


  1. When I see talent that great I am not sure if I should give up because I'll never come CLOSE to being that awesome... or keep plugging away because there's no telling where some really good practicing could take me. Thanks for sharing the video clip!

  2. if you enjoy lettering, penmanship, calligraphy or any other form of artistic expression, do not ever consider *giving up.* it does not matter where you are on the learning curve. there will always be someone ahead of you. and you will learn more by looking at the work of people ahead of you or beside you. and it does not hurt to just enjoy that you have progressed to the point where you currently reside.

    i have gotten to the point where i do not really think much about improvement. i think more about variation and just enjoying the process.

    here is another scribe (Denis Brown) whose work is inspirational:

    here is a link to his new project, web based lessons;