Wednesday, December 7, 2011

grease pencil removal

this is a second post today. don't miss the one right below.

when elizabeth saw her envelope with the nasty grease pencil scribble, she went into *jean-mode* and scoured the internet looking for methods to remove grease pencil... and sent them to me. one suggestion was to use a DRY Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. she had not heard of them. i have been a big fan since they came out a couple years ago. they are AMAZING at removing all kinds of things. it never occurred to me to use it dry...and it was truly MAGICAL...but only on the stamps. the stamps are coated paper and the Mr. Clean removed every speck of grease pencil.

the uncoated envelope only smeared. so, i went to my favorite cleaner... Bestine. it is a very bad chemical and is the solvent for rubber cement, but, it really cleans off sticky residue and all kinds of things. so, i keep it on hand for emergencies only. it took off about half the grease pencil. but there was still some serious smudging. so, i went over it with a white gel pen. next, i will mix up some gouache to match the off-white envelope and go over the too-white gel pen. i probably will not scan this one again. but, i did want you all to know about the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

note to ann-margret, your envelope arrived :-)
thanks, i will send one to you within a week.
is it OK to post your envelope on the blog?

anyone else who would like an envelope from me may send me a request and i will send an envelope. but your request must arrive in a decorated envelope. i will only post the ones that people agree to have posted.. i won't post your envelope on the blog if you prefer to not have it posted.


  1. Hi Jean! I certainly don't mind if you post my envelope, though I fear it isn't nearly as nice as most of the examples you post. I promise my next one will be nicer. And I am very excited to receive one from you. Thank you!!! :)

  2. ann...your envelope is very nice....pretty lettering, good use of color. i am sure the blog readers will enjoy it very much. thanks for letting me post it. it will appear later this month. in about a week or so. i have some scheduled that need to stay in line.