Sunday, December 25, 2011


these two are experiments from when i was struggling with the ornament stamps. the top one is a *hot mess.* i don't like to throw anything, i'll just drop it in the mail. i cut off the bottom of the scan which had plenty of space for her address.

the second one is not pleasing, but at least i stopped. the white background on the stamps just didn't go with the black envelope. so i added those white rectangles. that didn't solve anything. so, i just mailed it
to jeri.

the number of page views is way down, so, i can tell everyone is preoccupied with something....


  1. i'm lookin, i'm lookin!!! holidays are over, and it's nice to catch up on the beautiful envelopes I have missed. *sigh* i love black envelopes, they always look so rich......