Friday, December 30, 2011


i was mindlessly scribbling before i washed out the gouache brushes. i did not have a stamp or person in mind, just doing some backgrounds. i am not a big *background* person, but, once in a while i will do a stack of backgrounds just to have on hand.

chuck is a sports writer, and has covered the olympics several times. as i look at this on the screen... i would not put this one in my all time favorite category. but, it's OK.

note to ann: i just saw your comment that you received the envelope i sent. for the readers who do not recall, ann was the one who inspired me to do some designs to go with the canadian stamps. and she kindly sent me an envelope and i returned one. or, i guess it was two. i never know what to put in an envelope. sometimes it is just easier to do two envelopes. so far, nobody has ever complained.

if anyone else has posted a comment and i have not responded. repost, as i will probably not be digging back into the files for a few weeks. i have a couple big projects going on and have lined up envelopes from now until jan 19th. then on jan 19th, i will be featuring a series that will go to my friends at the cream city calligraphy guild in milwaukee. i am going to attempt to do 1 envelope for each member and i think they have about 100 members, so, that series should take us into april. yikes, time really flies when you have a daily blog.


  1. Your blog has a new look! :) I haven't been commenting as much lately but I still check your blog every day.

    I received some very pretty mail from the Montreal Society of Calligraphers this week and need to post a photo of that on my blog, if I ever get around to updating it!

    I sent you another envelope last week-ish. I hope it arrives safely.

  2. oh, wow. i did not know you had a blog. for people who read the comments, check out ann's blog.
    need more surf time.....

  3. yes, i changed the colors because everything in the right hand column is in blue and i did not like the blue with the green header, so i just changed it to generic blue. i would prefer a black and white blog, but so many of the envelopes are on white. i actually miss the original template with the polka dots. i still see it from time to time and ponder going back to it.

  4. Yes, I have a blog and, as you likely discovered, my last post (on November 29 -- ack!) was about YOUR blog. :)