Sunday, December 18, 2011

moose stamps

i bought a whole page of moose stamps to send some moose mail to stacey. then ann-margret, my first blog-based-penpal sent me an envelope from canada. i told her i would send her an envelope. now, she will see it before it arrives. i thought the moose, or elk or whatever that antlered animal is would be welcome in canada.

then, i needed to send a holiday mailing to susan and i thought some antlers would be fun. but, they looked goofy, so you will see an improved susan envelope in a day or two.


  1. I'm your first blog-based pen pal? I'm so honoured! :D No worries about me seeing the envelope ahead of time. I'm sure I will still be thrilled to receive it. Thanks! Those stamps are indeed appropriate -- the back of our quarter features a moose head. See: :)

  2. yes, you would think with the number of hints i drop, there would be more people sending me envelopes.... :-)

  3. I got your envelope(s) today! I was quite delighted with the first one (I love how you outlined the letters) but I nearly did a little jig when I pulled out the second one. It's so beautiful!!!! I am so honoured that you shared these pieces of art with me, especially as you've been so busy. Thank you very, very much, Jean. I will try to send you something back soon. :)

    By the way, the "v to s" join in my last name has been a constant source of grief! It's not a common combination and I've always struggled to make it look nice when writing in cursive.

    Ah, I'm so inspired to spend more time practicing my lettering over the holidays. I also need to update my own blog and show some of my recent work. Anyway, enough rambling! Thanks again. :)

    Oh! One more thing: Red is my absolute favourite colour and my studio is full of red treasures. The second envelope will look wonderful in here. I need to find a special spot for it. When I do, I will take a photo and send it to you. :)