Saturday, December 31, 2011

mimi's moose & patti's korrection

i posted the red envelope to patti a couple weeks go. she politely reminded me that her name is spelled kommer and not comer. as usual, when i have to fix an error, i find an opportunity to improve the overall design. i like stacking double letters and this gave me a nice M for the city. i can't wait to write in the street address. it will be stacked in the space between the r and the zip code.

although, i might have to post it one more time, since i think those black snow flake/asterisk things on the stamp need to be repeated on the envelope.

sorry about the clashing colors. this was from the ornament series. i took off the ornament stamp and added a moose. that green clashed with the ornament stamp, too.
i was playing with the galaxy markers. they are very good for scribbling.
 and the combination of metallics with regular colors is really fun.

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