Tuesday, December 27, 2011

keith 17/50

i was trying to make this look child-like. i used my non-dominant hand.

another one from my stack of scheduled posts, that were in the draft file. i don't think it was ever posted.


  1. What a great idea for experimentation. I think I'll give it a try later this afternoon.

  2. thank you for commenting. there have not been many comments lately and i thought this envelope might be a little too far-out, so it is gratifying to know that the readers are open to variety.

  3. i've just found your blog and i love it.
    great job on all envelopes, but this one is 450% eyecandy!
    though i have one or two childish fonts installed, nothing compares to real, human lettering.
    have a healthy, great, and colorful 2012.
    the best,
    bea & garfield-the-dog

  4. thanks so much for your comment. i agree, fonts are fun, but the hand can add so much more variety. even in the traditional styles.

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  6. I loved this idea and used it to have the dogs 'write' their grandma thank you notes for Christmas presents. She'll probably get them today or tomorrow and I'm sure they'll be a hoot. Nothing like sending a letter in the mail and giving someone a smile. Thanks for this cute idea. http://pendips.blogspot.com/2012babies-to-write-grandma.html