Thursday, December 22, 2011

my mail

 this came in the mail from one of my fall semester students. this was her very first calligraphy class and she was very drawn to the envelopes and cards. the stocking is cut out and i put it on a piece of red paper to scan it. i am so impressed with her attention to detail. i did not ask her permission to post this and i hope that some of you take time to post some comments so she knows how much you all enjoy seeing examples besides mine.

then...the envelope is also delightful. she came up with the JEAN  on her own. i like the way she used the shape of the stocking for the J, but did not worry about making every letter into an object. the candy cane, snowman and hat are all perfect little details that illustrate the season.

thank you so much :-)


  1. 1. Great Idea
    2. Very well done

  2. i especially like the textures on the stocking, and the interplay between light and dark shapes. very inspiring work:-)

  3. thanks to everyone who commented. :-) today, my letter carrier was commenting on the envelopes that he was delivering. i can't get him to check out the blog every day... but he did say that he has really enjoyed this holiday season. me, too.