Friday, December 23, 2011

my mail

 the top envelope is another one i received from a student in my fall class. again, i am so impressed with the details and the time she spent on this envelope. i only wish she had been a mouse in the corner when patti comer stopped over with a quick job for me. as i was lettering some photo captions for her, i commented, "gee patti, you should take one of my classes. you would enjoy learning how to do some fun lettering."  then i pulled out this envelope and said... "see what you could do after just one class?" she was very impressed and as i said, i just wish the person who sent the envelope could have heard all the glowing comments. i included the card in the scan because i LOVE edward gorey.

then i told patti about my blog and she said...oh, boy, i am going to send you the worst envelope ever, and then you'll have to post it on your blog. so, i'm eagerly awaiting patti's idea of the worst envelope ever.

then, i tried to convince patti that she could easily cut sticker paper and make fun letters and she bolted. so, i took the sticker paper and made an envelope for her. then, i found some of those reinforcement circles and added those. i think i am going to add a bunch more. i don't have her address, so i have to find it before i finish this.  i think i will look for some other vintage xmas stamps. i think an assortment will look better. anyhow, we are all looking forward to patti's mail. she has grandkids, so she should start sending them more mail. sorry about the big space between the copy and the scan. i can't quite figure out how to move elements around on the blog page.

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  1. i should add, patti wants to submit a *bad* envelope because one of her list of addresses is in my *hall of shame* which is a file i keep of the worst lists that people have brought to me. i show it to new clients (along with clear lists) so they can see why i request neatly typed list in a point size that is legible. apparently patti is a little bit proud to be in the hall of shame and wants me to start a hall of shame for envelopes. i'm not sure that will happen, but, i am happy to see and share what she sends. (hint: a really bad envelope would have a mailing label and meter strip) so i guess, bad=boring.