Saturday, December 3, 2011

more canadian stamp ideas

here is a non-slanty version of the one that appeared about a week ago. also a green version. i did these two before i knew that ann-margret's name only has one -a-  margret not margaret.

i've mentioned using the minor color in the stamp for the main color in the name. in this case, i think i like the bottom one better, where the main color in the stamp is the same as the main color in the address.

the success of many envelopes is getting the colors right. this stamp looks like there is a lot of blue in the green. i tried a marker called sagebrush and it looks pretty good. Lime green would be icky, IMHO.

the shapes of the letters in the lower sample are spiked, like the holly. these are just quick ideas.


  1. Oh my word... These are so beautiful, Jean. I love your handwriting! You are making me want to sit for hours and practice until I can get pretty letters like that. And I just may do that this weekend. :)

    Thanks for doing these!

  2. i'm glad i have inspired you to work on your handwriting. it was fun to spin some ideas of the canadian stamps.