Wednesday, November 30, 2011

more scribbles

again, this is just a scribbly layout. i used that border across the top of the stamp and did it all the way around. this would be fun to do if i had hours and hours and hours. again, i hope chuck wants to do an example of the right way to do borders.


  1. What a great idea for the border! I will probably steal this one. :)

    Not to be nitpicky, Jean, but I have a bit of an unusual spelling to my name: There's no "a" after the "g".

    Last night I worked on an envelope for you but before I had a chance to buy holiday stamps. It's just something kind of simple but I'll mail it out today and then work on another one later.

    Thanks again!

    Ann-Margret :)

  2. thank you for pointing that out....i race through my blog so fast, i do not see the details and i always want to get the spellings correct. i like it better being one letter shorter. :-)

  3. Ha! Good point. :)