Monday, November 14, 2011

ornament stamps - e&r

imagine waking up in des moines and discovering your cats had moved to ohio. that's what happened to one reader this morning. he was watching me create envelopes for the blog over the weekend, and was horrified to see that this was simply a piece of paper folded in half. it is not an actual envelope. he questioned the validity of all the other so-called-envelopes on the blog. there are very few fakes. so far...there will be more...because, alert viewers will see that the stamp is just an image of the stamp. i have not yet purchased any of these stamps. but, people are starting to think about their holiday mail, so i need to get some ideas posted. i figured these wavy lines would be a challenge for me. i'm not a wavy person. if you like this idea, go for it. personally, i do not care for it at all. maybe someone can do a better version and send the solution to me.

i do like the colors....


  1. So what if the envelope is not "real" it's the idea that counts.