Wednesday, November 16, 2011


i don't expect all of you (or even any of you) to like this idea. i had a nice holiday card from my friends and co-workers at the art center. the front of the card had an image that i knew my brother would like, and it seemed like a shame to throw the card out... but, i just can't keep every greeting card i receive, so, i turned it into this nice birthday card for my brother. it is not a mailed envelope, because it was hand delivered, but, i like the way i crossed out my name and wrote his and added a little something. you can imagine a stamp and address.

again, i don't expect any of you to like this idea...but, there is something about it that appeals to me. i suppose i also knew that my brother would not be offended. he's into recycling, too.

and now, because this post features mail for my brother, here is a story that he suggested i put on my blog. i try to keep the blog strictly about envelopes and i will not be posting any photos of my cute kids in their halloween costumes. but, some of you with a thing for pens and paper might relate to this story.

my brother, dk was at my studio getting instruction for how to take care of a couple things while i was out of town. he needed to write down the list of instructions. first he asked for paper and pointed to a tablet and i would not let him have it, i talked him into using some scraps that were beautiful rectangles of 100% cotton paper. then he proceeded to grumble that he did not see a clear surface on which to write. as he was grumbling, he picked up a pen, choosing one out of about twenty that were on the desk. as he started to write, i noticed that he had picked up a white gel pen, so it was not going to show up on the white paper. i told him he would need another pen and offered him a  box with another twenty pens. he chose one that happened to be dried up. my mom was watching and snickering. one of them told me that i needed to blog about the absurdity of finding paper and pen and clear surface area at my studio. they thought the readers would be amused. i can hear you all snoring.

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