Friday, November 4, 2011

my mail

more mail from my pen pal. jeri. love the spider web.

also, note her clever use of the stickers. she cut up one and rearranged it to make the B and the white dots all the way around are a very nice touch. dots were used on decorated versals in old manuscripts. everything old can be recycled into very fun contemporary design.

maybe someone can dig up an image on the internet to show an example of dotted versals.

white on black is so nice. if you do not have a white gel pen and some very dark or black envelopes, treat yourself to one. then, use the pen up within a week. they are very temperamental. so, it is best to just use them up all at once rather than think they will work for you again one day. and that is a good excuse to just sit and practice your penmanship, if you have other chores nagging at you....

an added message:
i just checked the stats on my blog and i have had 50,000+ page views.
at least half of those are me, checking to see if anyone has left any comments :-)


  1. & another considerable percentage of those views: me, looking to see if there are any comments that need additional commentary. jeri, your envelope is spooktacular!

  2. LOL..
    one of these days...
    the story of our most interesting assortment of communication methods will become that off-off-off-broadway far off broadway, it is going to be in chicago...or maybe madison

  3. or both chicago and madison, and soon the new yorkers will be begging us to go there.
    i'll eventually want to add some coffee back into my diet. i can paint without it, but organizing a cast of characters requires java. all this will of course have to wait for my post-parenting years since i am such a wastrel when i go on a coffee bender.