Wednesday, November 9, 2011

from jeri to wilma

wilma is my mother. when there was a local calligraphy guild, we ran out of people to be treasurer, so we recruited the ledgerly-gifted wilma to keep track of dues, etc. she enjoyed the job, but lamented the poor penmanship on the checks and envelopes that arrived from the members. she could not understand why there was such poor penmanship coming from people who belonged to a club whose primary focus was *calligraphy* (greek for - beautiful writing) luckily, there were a few people who always took time to letter a very pretty envelope. this is from jeri. i think she used gouache and i think it smeared in the mail. but that smudge actually looks rather interesting. a couple people also did calligraphy on their checks and someday, i might find a photocopy of one or two of those checks and post the pretty parts (not the names and routing numbers.)


  1. I agree about the smudge. I would have thought it was intentional if you hadn't pointed it out. Everything about this envelope is lovely! I'm saving a copy of this as inspiration for my calligraphy practice. :)

  2. yes... this is another one that falls in the *less is more* category. two straight lines are very pleasing.