Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i have never blogged in the middle of the day, but there are two stories that some of you might enjoy.

i tried to be polite when i mentioned that there had been a dolphin stamp on the frankenstein envelope from elizabeth. i did not want to sound overly critical. it really does not matter if the stamp does not coordinate with the lettering. it is just part of  my own routine.

this morning elizabeth responded in an email that she has given the envelope to a postal worker, along with payment and the postal worker assured her that an *appropriate* stamp would be applied to the envelope. well, some postal workers think that the correct amount of postage is what makes it appropriate and they are not concerned about the aesthetics. so, elizabeth suggests i find an old frankenstein stamp and apply it to the envelope, which, i will be happy to do.

then, while out on errands this morning, i ran into brad, the person who received the envelope that appeared on oct 29th. he thanked me for the envelope, but did not say anything about whether or not i was going to get a 2011 halloween print. he told me about how halloween was actually a 10 day event, but now i can't remember the details. clearly, i have another 10 days of halloween mail coming up, because i finally asked him if he had made a 2011 halloween print and he said, yes, he was just returning from mailing it to, we'll see if he decorated the envelope.

i have had a very good return of envelopes form my halloween mailings, so i think i will kick it into high gear and start sending some december-themed envelopes and see if i get some in return.

thanks to everyone who has sent mail :-)

i just googled halloween envelope. i only saw one of mine. this one popped up. it is from a blog called

i have not been to that blog. i am still curbing my surfing. i just thought i needed to add an image to this extra blog for today.

don't miss the blog below, if you think this is the only blog today.

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