Tuesday, November 15, 2011

elizabeth's second halloween

i'm pretty sure this is the last halloween envelope and it is the one i did for elizabeth, to thank her for sending me the alphabet in the first place.

i needed to do the H. and the Z. actually, this might be the first time i did the E. anyhow, i left out the A, and had so much time in it that i figured i would just put the A at the end with an arrow and i liked the name so much better with the A at the end. but, then, i saw how i had not penciled a base line and it was going up hill and i really could not live with it. so, i put in the wonky border and then found the stamp and then needed to do something else, so, the floral border took at least a half hour. so this is probably an hour on drawing and another half hour on staring. so when i am dead and all of these envelopes are really valuable because the blog lives on and we all know how valuable ephemera has become in a post apocoliptic universe so this one will be one of the most valuable ones of all.

every time i look at blogs where people babble on and on, i think to myself...don't do that. so the rest of november will be zen-like in its simplicity. but, i suppose the bizzyness of this post goes with the bizzyness of the envelope. the street and city/state/zip went in the two lower corners. and there is that W off the exemplar. i morphed it into an N for the nancy envelope. and i used the G-snake for the S.

this one was bumped after i received the spider web from jeri. so...this might be the last of the halloween envelopes, as i mentioned at the very beginning...but, i keep bumping things.

nov 15th additional note: yes, this one is bumped and there is one more after this one, so if you look at all the halloween envelopes, you will have all 26 letters. sorry for the confusion and lengthy post. i did have lots of excess yakking that i removed where it says

and... yesterday, after i posted the fun link where you can see the new stamps for 2012, elizabeth sent me an email with this link. thanks elozabeth, because i did not take time to look at all the links on that site. it is comforting to know that there are other people who spend more time than i do....looking at postage stamp sites.  it is a nice video-glimpse into the artists and art directors who design the stamps. http://www.beyondtheperf.com/content/art-directors-share-their-favorites-2010

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