Wednesday, November 23, 2011


catherine is a new penpal who i met through this blog. she does not live in burlington, vermont. i put in a fake address in pencil and will correct this before i mail it. i just wanted to show some ideas for the holiday stamps. i used a gold from john neal. then i scribbled over it with a gold gel pen. the red is a Galaxy Markers from John Neal. i highly recommend these markers. they are more like paint, but not like paint pens.

the lime green highlight on the zip code is a zig marker, kiwi color.  you could get away with crayola for the green highlight. the galaxy colors are limited to 8 or 10 colors....not enough to match every stamp. but they are great for the basic colors.

i hope this link takes you to the markers. if not, go to johnnealbookseller and put markers in the search box.

anyone wondering about what size i really need to buy all the sizes. what works for one name or number might not work for another....

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