Friday, November 18, 2011

ornament - evans

i'm liking this one. it is a rough layout on paper, not an envelope, with a picture of the stamp.

i like the big zip and the tiny little address. if i ever buy some stamps, i think i will redo this with the last name E-V-A-N-S in place of the big zip.
and i will spend more time on the bows.


  1. Okay, you're going to get sick of hearing from me. This is SO CUTE!!! :) I wish we had those ornament stamps in Canada. I will have to go and see what's available for Christmas stamps and then come up with something clever for the addresses. :) Thanks for inspiring us to shake things up a bit.

  2. i'm always happy to hear positive feedback. i'll go to the canadian postal website and see if i can print off some of the designs and do some ideas for canadian stamps. you usually have some very pretty ones.

  3. Oh, that would be great! Thanks, Jean. :)