Friday, October 7, 2011

technically not an envelope

this would be a spectacular envelope. i flipped it to the landscape orientation. it is by jackie and i found it in my download file. i am still housekeeping today and trying to figure out the new blogger system.

at least i have more storage. before, i was at 94%. now, after investing $5 with Google, i am at 4%. so...i have LOTS of space.

i am feeling a little guilty about not having an actual envelope today. I assure you, if i can make progress with the scanner as well as the new blogger system, there will be an envelope added today.

if not, please cut me some slack. this is better art than you will ever see out of me, so, be inspired by the beauty of the alphabet.


  1. Very sweet of you to say, Jean, but you know I love your work; you and I are just preoccupied with different things right now, that's all. Besides, your mom has shown me your painting so I know I have to work pretty hard to paint better than you. Btw, thanks for turning it the correct way. Takes a painter to get a painter's joke:-)

  2. w.a.t.d
    we agree to disagree :-)
    although i have two new classes starting
    i might create a blind taste-test

  3. Wow. Good thing you told me what the acronym stood for. I'm trying, I really am, but there's just sooo many of them out there.