Friday, October 21, 2011

gloria's halloween

this is the G on the exemplar and i figured out the loria on  my own. it is a lot like ribbon writing or the air hose writing that was on the envelope that went with the stamp reminding you to keep the air pressure up in your tires. 39-cents is not enough to mail this. my math was a little sloppy on the day i did this. and a few days ago, i probably said "the next twenty days would be all halloween" and then the montreal and big-zip envelopes popped up and now, i am obviously writing on oct 21st, which is contrary to what i keep saying about how i schedule all these postings a week or two in advance. today, this envelope popped up with no words over here, so, i am writing the blurb in real time. and it is close to a run-on sentence, which is why is should not do my writing in the morning. and i think i went back and colored in a bit with colored pencils.

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