Monday, October 24, 2011

marji's halloween

this was the first time i tried the J and it's a nice J. it is right off the exemplar. i had pondered trying to make an entire alphabet out of each letter.  i came close to not sharing this with the universe because it has problems and i really want to do it over...but...i don't have a *thing* for ghosts. or maybe i need to spend more time on ghosts. i am firm in my belief that if you want to be good at drawing, it is just a matter of time. you need to take time to discover how best to draw anything. so, i know i *could* draw ghosts that please me. but, it worth taking the time to draw a pleasing ghost. not at this time. that is marji on the end, waving. she's been an inspiration to me over the years. everything i know about a variety of things i learned from marji.

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