Thursday, October 20, 2011

big zip

oops, should have scanned with a background. only allowing myself 10 minutes for a new idea. below is the first post of the day. i set it up a while ago to remind myself to make a really big zip envelope. this one is not big enough. i will do another one, but not today. my halloween series is back tomorrow and those will take us through halloween and beyond. and i am not liking the city and state inside the 9 and 6. for people who want to learn the real words, the inside of a letter or number is called a counter. i don't like to use that term because it is already used for many other purposes. like the kitchen counter and the counter who counts people as they enter the places where people are counted. and the opposite position in an argument (point, counter-point)...i think we should call things what they are. those white spaces are innards. let's hire some hillbillies to rewrite the dictionary. better yet, let's not hire them, let's just tell them they get to be in charge and the honor of being in charge will be reward enough. and if there are any hillbillies reading this blog and you are offended...please do not be. i have the utmost respect for hillbillies. your art is called outsider art and i am fond of outsider art. and really...if you are an authentic hillbilly and you are reading a blog...i question your commitment to the hillbilly lifestyle. yesterday i went to the library and, oh-my-gosh....they weren't hillbillies, but they were talking to the computers as they were looking up things as though they thought the computer was going to respond to the remarks, which i am sure is coming someday. there are a couple librarians who read the should write down your stories...i was only there for about 20 minutes...and to find the secret society of librarians who blog their stories on a website. i'll post it tomorrow. see what happens when i post on the same day i write the blog. this is outrageous. luckily, i have the power to delete it. and have you heard that rumor about how we might run out of coffee. i guarantee, if i lose my coffee, that's the end of the blog.


  1. well, it took one click to find several blogs with librarian's stories

  2. ok, i lied, it took two minutes, and then one additional minute to post it to my blog-comments. i like how blogger keeps track of every minute for me.

  3. ha ha! i think you've had enough coffee, young lady! :-)