Friday, October 14, 2011

leftovers 4

my attention span for envelopes is three (the past three days). this was the fourth thank you that i needed to write and i decided to forgo the pencil lines and just gonzo it. mixing it up with a couple random l.c. letters. i should have chosen a better orange. i was also too lazy to go get anything other than black markers...but black shouldn't be uninspired. black is classic.

this has been an uninspired week. might be the falling leaves and mind-numbing amount of things that should get done before the snowflakes fly. or maybe after years of being a neuland-head, neuland just doesn't bring out my best work any more.

at least i am a reformed alphabet-head. those are people who only care to work with one letter at a time. i went through a phase like that. i believe i had two teenagers at the time. nuf said. and the really humiliating thing was that our pitiful newspaper is always so desperate for articles that at least once every 2 or 3 years, they trick me into being featured in some ridiculous article. one time (during my alphabet-head phase) they interviewed me and I mentioned that some people are alphabet-heads and admitted that i was currently among the ranks... and for the next couple weeks, when people who know me, would see me out in public, they would yell, and wave...."Hey ALph-A-Bet-Head." humiliating.


  1. Oh, Jean. How this post made me smile. You're too cute, and way too hard on yourself! :) I think your work is very inspiring and I appreciate that you take time each day to share it with us. Have a happy day!

  2. i just adore how the address is hugging the gentle curve of the N on this one. and your neuland-esque monoline letters are fabulous. i've got a million ideas going on with the past two posts - thank you for sharing these, jean! i know you're on to the next series soon, but i'm telling you that this is world class, very inspiring, and i admire it greatly. i'll send you an envelope from whatever comes of this, scout's honor. okay brownie drop-out, even better.

  3. ditto what brownie drop out said
    and in case anybody in the world has not figured out, i have everything you have written and sent or handed to me...even all the stuff you just knocked off when we were sitting in guild and you weren't paying attention...
    and to the dsm people in the street...wt[ ]

  4. of them (dsm people) was the pediatric dentist, who took care of my kids' teeth, and he had 3 kids who were the same ages as my kids, and one year we had a big skating party at the community ice arena and we invited him, with his kids and everyone was having fun ice skating, and then he fell on the ice and broke his elbow and was not able to work for a few days (weeks?) i don't know....but, maybe he was just bitter about that whole incident. i'm sure it was more than a little inconvenient. where do you go for a substitute dentist?

    and thank you ann and jackie for the kind words. this has happened before....things that are not all that pleasing to my eye are somehow very pleasing to other i will just keep churning out the envelopes....and glad that other people are inspired.

    and don't worry about sending mail jackie....i support and encourage your non-stamped a scan would be fine. although, mail is always welcome...but only if you see a stamp that you like.

  5. i would have to get completely past my fear of the guy at the p.o. counter who didn't like my horizontal addresses. i feel like the mail art world's version of the kid in the go bwaaah video. here's the link in case you haven't seen it.
    i appreciate greatly that you like my absurd unmailable mail. if i have trouble with the stamps, i'll just put a square of gold leaf where the stamp is supposed to go, though i think i'll scan that one rather than risk a postal abduction. maybe the kid is trying to get the dog to accompany her to the p.o. - and he is more than happy to drag her there.