Friday, October 28, 2011

evans halloween

don't you all agree that this is the best stamp to go with this series. the only other one i like was the thoreau stamp.

i have a few more letters in the alphabet that i have not done...not sure i will get them done. the ones i left to the end are my least favorite, so, it is hard to motivate myself to do them...and yet, there is a rule in jeanland that often times the things that you originally did not like end up being favorites. so, i really should make myself do all of them.

the yang part of that rule, is that i turn on things that i liked right off the bat. bad news for my kids, eh? i'm kidding. i am sure none of them read this blog. or are they lurkers? the quote my daughter chose for her wedding photos...loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.

the real lesson is to not even think in terms of like and dislike. as one of my favorite quotes goes.... i have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strangely, i am ungrateful to these teachers. kahlil gibran. so, i guess halloween will drag on into november as i finish up every letter in this alphabet.


  1. another good one from gibran: "half of what i say is meaningless; but i say it so that the other half may reach you."
    the owl is my favorite; hat is a pretty close second. and your vines, always so wonderful.
    so, if you get to the bottom of a box of chocolates and there are only the ones you don't like left, do you eat them anyway?

  2. luv luv luv to know that it there was a reason to blog the half of the blog posts that are meaningless...and no, i do not partake of food, even chocolate, that is not to my liking. i keep a good supply of my favorite stuff on hand at all times. that and coffee.... both are essentials.

    and i hope you can see the poor little mouse being held by the owl. if i had time there would be an entire predator based alphabet.

  3. clearly it's time to start making some decisions about my halloween costume. i did find a decent hat, but then completely stalled out on the project because all of my ideas involved sewing, gluing, or drawing. wait. i know. all i really need is a bicycle tire - i could be duchamp's readymade!!

  4. just tell me the truth: does my spare tire make me look fat?

  5. yes....readymade...go as mrs. davis....letter yourself a really really really nice nametag...but allow yourself to make serifs. (this is an inside joke, in case anyone other than jackie or jeri is trying to figure out what it means) once upon a time, i tricked jackie and jeri into lettering hundreds of nametags and someone else told them they could not use serifs and it was a hard job...because the whole point of a serif is to get the ink flowing. jackie and jeri suffered through the whole job, following the rules and they both still speak to me.

    jeri sent me some mail today that said...guess who...very nice work. i will post it when i get it scanned.

  6. i did put some serifs on mine. they were very small, almost unnoticeable, serifs. of course we still talk to you - it certainly wasn't your idea to require dip pens & a sans serif alphabet! i might change my halloween costume to a *readymade bicycle disguised as a serif.* i mean, since i'll have to spend the whole evening explaining what i am anyway, i might as well be something about calligraphy.

  7. wonderful idea. . .
    i still can't cut one properly, but who would ever notice or care?