Thursday, October 6, 2011

letter writers (not writters) alliance

i have some links that might cause all of you to ditch my blog and follow some others. it started with finding

they are intent on getting more people to write more letters. they are also interested in decorated envelopes. i'm not sure what they would think of those of us who like the envelope and don't bother with the letter.

i surfed back to their aug 17 post and found this. if you follow the link to an article in the guardian, you will find more envelopes like this one.

yes, dear brudder, i am not able to reduce that link to a tiny-ulr because the $5 i sent to Google to increase my space for storing photos did not include any extra space between my ears to store valuable technological information.

if you all are not able to link to these places, it is a blessing in disguise, at it would eat up valuable time.

btw, i found the letter writers alliance by clicking on [next blog] at the top of my own page and this popped up
she has a lot of links
including this one

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  1. Isn't it amazing how we can lose track of time surfing from one amazingly creative site to the next? ;-). Thanks for sharing what you found!!