Wednesday, October 19, 2011

montreal envelopes

chuck sent this link which has a bunch of examples of envelopes.

this one reminded me of how much i used to enjoy confetti and how i hardly ever do it any more.

i don't think i would ever write at an angle like that, but it is fun to show things that i would never do for some variety.


  1. I'm in/from Montreal so it was a nice surprise to see this. :) What gorgeous calligraphy!

  2. P.S. I had, some time ago, thought of joining the SCM... Your post was a good nudge in that direction. So, thanks! :)

  3. anyone who has a local guild or lettering club should attend a few meetings or programs and meet the other scribes in the neighborhood. new members are always welcome and it is a good resource.

    i am not sure how up to date this list is, but, it is a starting place for anyone looking for a local guild