Tuesday, October 25, 2011

chuck's halloween

i like the variation in size of little pictures, but i do not like that they start big, decrease to the middle, which is smallest and then increase to the end. it makes an ugly overall shape. the gator should have been larger and the bones smaller and the K larger. the scan was done before i colored it in. coloring in the figures improved the whole envelope and i apologize for not rescanning, but....that's the way it goes sometimes.... it is on a different type of paper. the rest are on an antique fake parchment. someone gave me a box of 200 antique parchment envelopes which is normally a paper that i find revolting, but it is perfect for halloween. so, don't ever look down your nose at 200 free ugly envelopes...you never know when they will be perfect. i should rewrite the story of the ugly duckling....only call it the ugly envelope.

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