Saturday, October 1, 2011

save the post office

mr. scanner is having issues today. so here is a link to a website addressing the closing of post offices. my mom has been worried that if the post office goes out of business, i will not have a job. but, it might be easier to not have the option to actually mail anything. or we could hand deliver things. she likes to go on trips.

the art below the photo is a button on the site.
if you click the button, you can see photos and stories about post offices that are in danger of closing. i wish they would just switch postal delivery to fewer days. and see if that would work. seems like an easy enough thing to try.

because jackie and i were strictly penpals for a couple years, before we ever met in person...i'm wondering if we should post our story. we probably won't. but, i should get around to writing it down for my own blog. i'll stick a label of note to self on here. i wonder if i already have this note, noted....

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