Saturday, October 15, 2011

jackie's halloween

there will be 4 envelopes based on a fun alphabet set to me by elizabeth. i worked on these during our informal gathering of people who like to letter so i was yakking whilst writing. these letters are drawn. i should have penciled a base line. although the unevenness of this one does not really bother me that much.

the sample elizabeth sent had 26 different ideas. if i have time, i will take each letter and do an entire name just based on one letter. the  lower case L was a bone which inspired this name. i dug into my stash of stamps to find some colors that i thought would go with the lettering. i used white colored pencil over the drawing. don't be sending fan mail to jackie at that address. it is a fake address. if you want to send her some fan mail, send it to me and i will forward it to her.


  1. this was the first one i did (in this series) and now that i see it on the screen, i need to redo it, but, i also ended up doing at least 20 total. i did do all 26 letters, so if you want all of them, start copying them now and by the end of the month, you will have all 26 letters. while i want to redo this one, i hesitate to do even more along these lines. the inconsistency of the stroke width really bothers me. i guess i could redo it and then substitute. or add it to this post instead of giving it a new post.

  2. this is certainly getting me in the right frame of mind for halloween. halloween is a huge happening at our public library, where i still occasionally work. i am trying to think of a costume - this year's theme is alice in wonderland, and i think all the best characters are already taken. if anyone wants to send me mail, (which i doubt, since i usually send jpg's in return), they can email me at and i'll try to think of a way to do a postal exchange. they'll for sure want to pretend to be very sympathetic about my postal traumatic stress syndrome.

  3. is anyone going as a teapot? there are some very cute costume ideas if you google teapot costume, wear a sweatshirt, and stuff it, put a lid on your head and walk around all day with one hand/arm as a handle and the other as a spout.
    also, there are some clock costumes, if you google clock costumes.

  4. i was thinking of possibly trying to construct a topiary around myself, though i wonder if i'd be able to get that to stay together for the whole day. the teapot idea had also occurred to me. it took me a while to get over my disappointment that the mad hatter role was already taken, but then i found some very promising things at the thrift store yesterday. i'll keep you posted on my progress. . .