Tuesday, April 5, 2011

wedding mailings

the address will be in a very fine black pen, the same style
and to the right of wilson. this is the envelope for the invitation to the brunch on the day after their wedding. for newcomers to the blog, ellen is my daughter. the wedding is in a few weeks. i figured she is too busy to read the blog, so, i am posting a few things early. if you are a friend of hers, please do not tell her that i am posting her mail on my blog. i want her to be surprised when it comes in the mail. of course, i want to put advertising for my services on all the mailings, but that would be tacky. i wonder what people will say at the reception? should i bring some pens. i always love the people who meet me and want me to write for them...as thought they think i cheat and do everything on the computer.


  1. how about a sandwich board of newsprint...with a cup of pilots
    you could slip out of it and do your thing
    maybe a border of your envelopes

  2. Jean is this an alphabet that you designed? I love it and am not familiar with it? Please tell us about it.

    Nancy Grossenbacher

  3. it is based on one called party time...i learned the basics a long time ago..and have been doing variations ever since. the idea is that you have building blocks and construct whatever works, plus you have to bounce things around and tilt them back and forth, so it is a relief from any styles that require consistency.

  4. yes...katy....a cup of pilots...how did you know i spent time on their website today...[sigh] running out of time to do all these fun things....