Sunday, April 24, 2011

wedding invitation

i meant to post this one the day after the envelope that went to mickey mouse, requesting a greeting for the bride and groom. i guess you can request them from the white house, too, and i'm sure they have special ones for brides & grooms in illinois. as i have mentioned, i don't actually break out he real ink very often, so, by posting this a couple days after nan's, you can take the opportunity to compare her really good stuff to my middle of the road stuff. i'm not apologizing...just noting that what you do the most, is what you get good at.

back to this envelope. i ended up using the wedding cake stamp on the actual invitations. although, i think i used some other stamps, too. short term memory loss.

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  1. Don't know about mine being 'the good stuff'...but is what I do lots of that is for sure. Always think of it as 'paid practice'. Jean is no slouch with the pen!