Wednesday, April 20, 2011

from kathy

here kathy has been playing with directions again. remember, this did not go through the mail. if you want to address mail like this, go right ahead. but, you need to put an extra 20-cents on the envelope. to be safe....put more.

frequently, when people are seeing mail art for the first time, they say these exact words...will the post office let you put stamps anywhere you like?

technically, they can only request a standard format. there is no law that says they may reject mail art. for now, we are free to arrange elements creatively. some of the postal workers will make stern comments like, "next time, you should put the stamp in the upper right hand corner." i smile and say something like, "oh. ok." and then i have to turn quickly, so they do not see the wild, rebel expression on my face.

they should be grateful to the people who are still buying stamps and sending crazy letters. i really wonder if regular delivery of mail is going to last much longer. i suspect we will go back to the days of picking up our own mail at the p.o.

my son lives in a town on lake tahoe and they do not have mail delivery. if you want your mail, you have to make the trek to the po. he recently got a mail box, but i have been sending his mail "general delivery" and it's pretty easy. in some ways, i think it would be an improvement if we all had to get out of the house to collect our mail. then we could hang out at the p.o. and discuss our art with the postal workers.

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