Saturday, April 2, 2011

guest post

here are two vintage envelopes. they were sent to me by a penpal/book pal. he did not include any information about the envelopes, except to say they are *old.*

then he tossed out a challenge for me to add envelopes to these that fulfill the sentiment of *something new, something borrowed, something blue* because he knows i do a lot of addressing for the brides.

i believe i have over a thousand envelopes (for brides) waiting for me at the studio, so, i can't promise i will get this challenge fulfilled today, but, i'll be thinking about it. any other blog followers who come up with solutions to eduardo's challenge are welcome to submit ideas and scans.

the idea of this blog becoming more of a showcase for many artists is a nice idea. not that i am running out of ideas, but, i do have to tend to the jobs. many years ago, one of my boys figured out that i made money on envelopes and he asked how much each envelope cost. at the time, I was only charging $1 per envelope. He was quiet for a moment and then he exclaimed, "you mean that if you did a million envelopes, you would get a million dollars." he made it sound so easy.

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