Tuesday, April 12, 2011

from kathy

on the back, there is a note calling this a zen circle. kathy has taken some classes with *kaz*
i'll try to find a link to his work. she's learned some really cool techniques to make circles. i can't tell what she used to color in the spaces. it is shiny and very cool.


  1. This is different and really cool. I want to try that on an address, with the letters a little scribbly and paint in someof the gaps, thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. happy unbirthday jean,
    that envelope looks a little deco
    kaz tanahashi is the calligraphic artist and his web page is

  3. beautiful. love that circle. thank you for sharing this piece, kathy. i find it so difficult to put a stamp on this type of artwork, but on yours it seems possible.

  4. thank you jackie
    btw, if i remember the pens i used to fill in the gaps were gelly rolls
    i have used folded pens and brushes to make circles sometimes with an un-centered image in the middle
    they are really fun